Using a Psychological Model to Overcome a Stagnation of Faith & Develop Spiritual Wellbeing

Let’s cultivate a path to be intentional and mindful to help our children gain spiritual awareness!

Dr. Katherine Pang (Ph.D.) is the founder and CEO of the Christian Life Institute and serves as the Managing Psychologist and Clinical Director at Lakewood Wellness. She has a ThM and MDiv from Talbot School of Theology, two law degrees, an MBA, and over 30 years of experience.

Key takeaways:

  • An integrated biblical model can help equip and empower Christians to navigate life’s challenges.
  • How we can teach children to “shift up” out of big emotions and that there is a way out of feeling “icky,” meaning that there is a way to get out of an uncomfortable feeling. The word “ick” is a therapeutic term that Dr. Pang frequently uses about kids’ feelings or even adults.
  • Parents who want to cultivate a path for their kids can help their children adapt to different brain skills.
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