Transforming Your Home With This Entertaining Bible-based Gaming Platform

“There is a lot of toxic content now pushed on very small children, and the worst statistic of all is that while 62% of Americans who are over 40 believe in God, 32% of children believe in God in America.” -Brent Dusing.

Brent Dusing is the CEO and founder of TruPlay, a gaming platform created to bring high-quality, fun, and biblically-sound entertainment to audiences worldwide. An entrepreneur at heart and a Harvard University graduate of economics, Dusing pioneered game creation with Christian content through Lightside Games and created the nation’s leading mobile coupon company. He began his career as a venture capitalist at Menlo Ventures and, over time, has been featured on CNN, Fox News, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and other mainstream news media.

During this episode, Brent discusses his unique organization, Truplay, and how they’ve built a fun, relatable, biblically-based gaming platform for children. He explains how we’re in a crisis where children have no concept or familiarity with Jesus Christ because they’re watching drama shows, playing toxic games, and living on their screens, learning nothing about God’s truth for more than 52 hours a week.

“I was bothered by what I saw; I was bothered that suicide, anxiety, and depression rates are at an all-time high for kids which mirrors exactly the rise of social media on smartphones.” -Brent Dusing.

Brent emphasizes the benefits of Truplay and how it brings world-class entertainment to kids that they will love, enjoy, and relate to, but that also teaches biblical principles and God’s truth. He discusses how the players go through extremely relatable situations to what kids face in today’s society and how this gaming platform can be an ideal medium for faith exploration in a much safer and uplifting way.

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