TOP Evangelism Fails // How NOT to share your faith // Jesus City Church // Jason Powell

Often we learn more from our mistakes then from our successes. Here are some HILARIOUS mistakes that people often make while attempting to share their faith. For Tips on HOW TO SHARE

In Part 2
Pastor Jason shows some GOOD ways to start conversations and build bridges to sharing the gospel.

This video was a part of the sermon series on the topic of evangelism from Pastor Greg Laurie. Pastor Greg Laurie, senior pastor harvest Christian Fellowship has been called the world leading evangelist of today. LifeWay publishers asked Greg to create a practical resource on the topic of evangelism. The result was a book entitled. “Tell Someone: You can share the good news”

Hopefully you’ll find this resource to be a help to you in learning how to effectively communicate the gospel. You can also go to this link to find a second video on how to share your faith. Or contact Pastor Jason Powell at Jason@JesusCity.Church for some free resources on learning how to effectively communicate the gospel.


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