Today Bible Verse in Tamil I Today Bible Verse I Today's Bible Verse I Bible Verse Today I19.09.2023

Today Bible Verse in Tamil I Today Bible Verse I Today’s Bible Verse I Bible Verse Today I19.09.2023

ENGLISH VERSION: Today’s Bible Verse (19.09.2023):

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. (PSALM 32:7 KJV)

I greet you in the mighty name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. “Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.” (Psalm 32:7) the psalmist sings to God.

This is one of David’s little prayers! That prayer is that you will surround me with songs of salvation. Today we are surrounded by thousands of movie songs and songs sung by devotees of other religions which are driving us away. These obnoxious songs go deep inside us unconsciously and implant themselves as poisonous seeds. Beloved, may you always be surrounded by songs of salvation!

God will not only fight for you and give you victory, but He will keep you away from battles so that no one will come against you.

The scriptures say that God in His infinite wisdom chose Baruch to write the prophecies given by the prophet and covered him with His protecting hand. It was necessary for God to protect His word and the prophecy that was being revealed.

Yes, God always protects His word and protects those whom He chooses to carry it from evil and interference. When attempts were made to silence prophecy, the prophet himself was protected by the hand of God (Jeremiah 36:26).

As you proclaim God’s Word and continue to do His work, you can rest assured that He will protect you. The anointing within you is precious. The presence of Christ in you and the Word of God you have inherited are priceless. The call God has on your life is very important. He protects you to protect all these precious ewes. All these you must keep within yourself. “You are my hiding place…” (Psalm 32:7) Take refuge in God as the scriptures say.

“For this cause in the time of fellowship shall any pious man pray unto thee; and even if a great flood come, it shall not approach him.” (Psalm 32:6) says the scriptures. God gives you today the grace to always pray to Him.

As you follow God’s will and pray for His guidance, He promises to protect you and shelter you in these difficult times.

Salvation songs surround you and you do His will, “The Lord your God is in your midst; He is mighty, He will save; He will rejoice over you, He will sit because of His love; He will exult (sing with joy) over you.” (Zephaniah 3:17) As the scripture says, He will rejoice in your name.

During the reign of King Saraboji, Tanja Sangai Vedanayagam Shastriyar composed many rakshaniyams. He sang “Bethlehem Kuravanji” which he had composed sweetly in front of the king. The king listened to it patiently.

What will Shastri do? Alas, he has a large family with many children. The king’s order is firm. However, he firmly decided to sing only to the Lord. That very day in the presence of the king, praise Jesus himself, mind; He sang fervently, “Praise Jesus.” The king’s heart melted! He praised the priest’s strength and courage and gave him many gifts. (Psalm 59:16).

Take comfort in knowing that God is your protector and your helper. As you seek His will and trust in His guidance, He will keep you safe with His hand of love. Therefore, pray without ceasing; Believe in His grace.

Beloved, you pray and cast your burden upon the Lord. He will surely answer your prayer. If there is one message that is replete throughout the Scriptures, it is that the Lord answers prayer! Let the witnesses in the scriptures and outside strengthen and encourage you

Dear Supreme Father! I thank you for your promise. I pray for your divine protection in my life. As I strive to fulfill Your will, surround me with Your mighty power and protect me in the embrace of Your love. Help me find refuge in You; Protect me and bless me with Your perfect prosperity. May my life bring glory to Your name. Guide me on my spiritual journey, bless me and give me the prosperity I need to fulfill my life goals. I praise You for Your infinite grace and mercy. I pray in Jesus name Good Father, Amen.



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