Today Bible Verse in Tamil I Today Bible Verse I Today's Bible Verse I Bible Verse Today I06.12.2023

Today Bible Verse in Tamil I Today Bible Verse I Today’s Bible Verse I Bible Verse Today I06.12.2023

ENGLISH VERSION: Today’s Bible Verse (06.12.2023):

The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way. (PSALM 37:23 KJV)

the Lord is with you always, and He wants to lead you in a unique and protected manner. The Bible says in Psalm 37:23, “The steps of a good (righteous) man are ordered by the Lord.” Another translation reads, “The steps of a man who delights in the Lord are made firm.”

Who can be considered a good man or woman in this world? And how can we strive to be good? In I Peter 2:21, the Bible says, “The Lord has left His footsteps for us, just to follow Jesus.” Accordingly, we ought to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, Who carried His cross and emerged victorious.

Today, the name of Jesus holds the ultimate power over everyone and every situation. In His name, everybody’s knee bows. Even the devil’s knees bow before His name. Also, the knees of those in heaven bow to answer whatever prayer we ask in the name of Jesus. On earth, everyone’s knees bow when we go in the name of Jesus to fulfill His will. This powerful name of Jesus is on your forehead. So, as you delight in Jesus and carry His name, your steps will be made firm, and God will order your steps.

Therefore, follow the steps of Jesus, take up your cross daily and deny yourself the pleasures of the world. Pray to the Father in heaven, “I must know Your will. I must know and see Your steps so I can walk in them, Lord, with absolute perfection.” As you do this, the Lord will strengthen you and order your steps. His perfect plan will be fulfilled in your life. And the Bible says, in Psalm 18:36 “God will enlarge your steps and make your feet not to slip.”

Yes, the Lord will never allow you to slip in any aspect of your life, be it in your studies, job, ministry or while caring for your family members or others. He will make your feet broad, and He will make you walk through every narrow path and guide you towards victory. And when your strength fails, when you feel weak physically, financially, or in your relationships or job or in the things concerning your future, the Lord promises to hold your steps (Job 23:11).

God’s supernatural strength will come upon you, and He will make you walk. The Lord has ordained your steps, and He has paid the ultimate price through the wounds in His legs for you to be strong in your walk in life. May the Lord bless you with this blessing.

Precious Lord, I thank You for leaving Your footsteps for me to follow. Your path is unshakeable, and it leads me to victory. Lord, I desire to know Your will. Please help me see Your steps so that I can walk in them with absolute perfection. Let Your will alone be fulfilled in my life. I am so grateful that You are holding my steps firmly, even when my strength fails. You will never allow me to slip in any aspect of my life. Thank You for paying the ultimate price through the wounds in Your legs so that my walk in life would be firm and strong. I love You, Lord.In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.



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