Tips to Strengthen Ministry Relationships Within Your Church

A church’s children’s ministry impacts children, but a strong ministry to children also impacts an entire church. Unity with your church is foundational to the success of your children’s ministry. Here are pointers to strengthen relationships with your church body.

1. Strengthen relationships through collaboration.

Rather than being a silo when you’re separated from other areas of your church, be intentional about partnering with other ministries within your church.

2. Strengthen relationships through feedback.

Invite feedback from church leaders and parents—and stay teachable and humble. Great leaders are always growing…and always will be.

3. Strengthen relationships through communication.

Provide regular reports to your church leadership. Share progress and praise reports. Share challenges, but when you have challenges, come to church leaders with possible solutions as well. Remember that an average children’s ministry brings challenges to church leaders, but great ministry to children brings challenges and possible solutions to church leaders.

4. Strengthen relationships through trust.

When an issue arises and hasn’t been resolved, always fill the gap with trust—assume the best about the other person’s motives.

Establish these principles into the foundation of your children’s ministry, and it’ll stand tall and straight to impact kids and families for eternity.

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