Armour of God


In our daily activities, we shouldn’t forget that Satan is not our friend but our enemy. And as children of God, we should all be prepared for the spiritual war against our real enemy, Satan. For his purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy John 10:10. The force of darkness is always ready to attack us unaware, but God has given us his full armour to serve as guard, protection, wisdom, and strength to defeat Satan, Isn’t that awesome?

What is the Armour of God?

Armour is a metal material worn by soldiers in ancient times for protection or defense against the enemy’s attack, now what are these amour of God? They are guidelines that will serve as armour that will enable us to defeat Satan and his agent of darkness. These guidelines are found in the book of Ephesians 4: 14-18.

Here Apostle Paul gave six guidelines on how to use the full armour of God, which are:

The belt of truth: we must always tell the truth in everything we do
The breastplate of righteousness: we must be righteous, moral and free from sins in everything we do
The shoes of peace: we must always be in peace with our neighbors and love them as we love ourselves
The shield of faith: we must always have faith in God and belief in His words
The helmet of salvation: we must give our lives to Christ and confess him as our Lord and personal savior
Sword of the spirit: we must always read our bible, memorize scriptures and be prayerful

The lesson Learnt

As we are children of God, we should always follow and uphold all these guard lines, and victory will be ours on earth. We shall always overcome any obstacle that comes our way and inherits the kingdom of God.


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