The Spirit Filled Life | John MacNeil | Christian Audiobook

~ Audiobook Description ~
I wish to urge all Christians, especially ministers of the gospel, to give The Spirit-Filled Life a prayerful reading. I feel confident it will bring them help and blessing. It will deepen the conviction of the great need and absolute duty of being filled with the Spirit. It will point out the hindrances and open up the way. It will stir up faith and hope. And I trust it will bring many people to feel that it is at the footstool of the throne – in the absolute surrender of a new consecration – that the blessing is to be received from God himself.

May this book stir up all its readers, not only to seek this blessing for themselves, but also to pray earnestly that God may give the Holy Spirit in power throughout His whole church. It is when the tide comes in that every pool is filled and all the separate little pools are lost in the great ocean. As all believers who know or seek this blessing begin to pray as intensely for each other and all their brethren as for themselves, this is when the power of the Spirit will be fully known. With the prayer that this Spirit-filled book may be greatly blessed of God, I commend it to the study of His children.
– Andrew Murray

~ Contents ~
00:00 Opening Credits
00:14 Introduction
10:37 Author’s Preface
14:38 Ch. 1: The Starting Point
16:28 Ch. 2: Every Believer’s Birthright
19:27 Ch. 3: A Command to Be Obeyed
22:13 Ch. 4: Something Different from the New Birth
31:36 Ch. 5: Everybody’s Need
34:36 Ch. 6: Preventing Backsliding
37:48 Ch. 7: The Time between Regenerating and Filling
40:05 Ch. 8: Other Words for Being Filled with the Spirit
58:31 Ch. 9: How Is the Fullness Obtained?
01:00:50 Ch. 10: Cleansing
01:38:24 Ch. 11: Consecration
01:52:24 Ch. 12: Claiming
02:06:52 Ch. 13: How the Filling Comes
02:26:26 Ch. 14: The Effects of Fullness
02:47:11 Ch. 15: How Do We Know We Are Filled?
02:50:56 Ch. 16: May I Say I Am Filled?
02:53:16 Ch. 17: Does Anyone Lose the Blessing?
03:00:30 Biography of John MacNeil

NASB Bible text. Used by permission. Narrated by Saethon Williams or Mark Christensen.
Updated and Annotated.
Copyright © 2020 by Aneko Press, 203 E Birch St., Abbotsford, WI 54405

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