Thanksgiving Family Activity: Wall of Thankfulness


Your church family will celebrate God’s blessings this Thanksgiving with this special Wall of Thankfulness craft, created especially by children.

Thanksgiving Family Activity: Wall of Thankfulness

You’ll need:

  • instant, digital camera, or phone (with a way to print pictures)
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • markers
  • other craft decorating items

To create your wall of thankfulness, use an instant, digital camera, or smartphone, take pictures of families a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. Have a child in each family cut out a construction paper house, leaving a window in the middle of the house for a family picture to be placed.

Have children write their family’s name on their houses and list what they’re grateful for about their families. Encourage the kids to add favorite Bible verses on their houses, too. Finish the houses by gluing the family pictures inside of the house windows.

Place all the houses together on a bulletin board to make the wall of thankfulness and watch the heartwarming responses from families in your church.

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