Teens, Societal Issues, and the Power of Jesus-reliant Proactive Parenting

“If I can help parents in the earlier years learn to build a connection with their kids, to speak the gospel, and to live redemptively in their homes, what difference would it make as their children grow older; my hope is maybe less kids would struggle with some of these mental health issues.” -Kristen Hatton.

Kristen Hatton, MA, is a counselor and author passionate about helping families. She is the author of Get Your Story Straight, Face Time, The Gospel-Centered Life in Exodus for Students, and Parenting Ahead.

Key Takeaways:
  • Ways to help teen girls deal with societal issues like body image, sex, dating, substance abuse, materialism, perfectionism, and many more.
  • The crux of the book, Face Time, tells the reader who Jesus is for her and who she is in Him, helping them find their worth and identity in Jesus.
  • Face Time helps girls look deeper at false idols they may be turning to, such as body image or social media, and helps them turn to Jesus instead of those idols.
  • The case studies included in Face Time help girls practice applying the gospel to different scenarios, making gospel theology in an everyday practical way.
  • Parenting Ahead is a great tool for parents to help them prepare early on to connect with their children and bring them closer to Jesus before these societal issues get to them.
  • What you do in the early years matter, and there are gospel foundations that we can put in place so we don’t have to be paralyzed by fear.
  • Under-parenting is helicopter parenting and micromanaging everything; over-parenting is the permissive parent.
  • Evaluating the “why” of our parenting styles and the tools we can use to change our behaviors – our own idols as parents drive our parenting styles.
  • For example – for an over-parenting style, the idols driving this could be control and fear of the child’s future, and for an under-parenting style, the idols causing this could be the peace and happiness of the child.
  • Both parenting styles are rooted in good intentions, and sometimes parents can teeter back and forth between the two.
  • The importance of having Gospel centrality and spiritual conversations with your children.

 “I really want to be an encouragement to families, and to help them feel equipped towards proactive intentional Jesus-reliant long-haul parenting.” -Kristen Hatton.

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