Teaching Children About God…the Window of Opportunity Narrows Quickly…Make It Count ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY


This Sunday, you will have the opportunity to teach children about Jesus.

Don’t take the opportunity lightly. You will be standing in front of a group of people who need the Gospel.  

Unless something changes, there will be a large percentage who are growing up to be “nones.” This means when they are asked what religion they are involved in…their answer will be “none.”  

We know this – we only have a short window of time before the next generation is lost in a culture that has little or no time for God.  The window of opportunity to reach them is closing earlier and earlier. 

You’ve probably seen the stats that show the vast majority of kids who come to Christ do so before the age of 16.  

We must share the Gospel with them on a weekly basis.  

We must be urgent in reaching them with the Gospel.  

This mission deserves your very best.  

Its’ time we stop looking at the lesson for the first time during the red lights on the way to church. 

We must come prepared.

We must come prayed up.

We must come passionate about the mission field God has placed us in.

We must come anointed with the power of God that makes Scripture come alive for kids and families.

The window of opportunity closes a little more each day.  Seize the day and tell kids what it means to follow Jesus. 

Here is a resource that can help you.

Starting Point is a one-time class that shares with kids and parents what it means to follow Jesus.  These are the materials I used to see over 430 kids and parents come to Christ and get baptized in one year. Here is a link where you can get more information about this class.

Hundreds of churches across the country are using this resource. Join them and begin to see kids and families come to Jesus before the window of opportunity closes.


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