Teach your dog not to pull – teach 'back up' for leash walking

This is another cool Dogmantics Dog Training Tip on how to teach your dog to walk next to you on a loose leash.

If you are consistent with this behavior, you can actually make pressure on the leash a CUE for the dog to back up and they learn to walk on a loose leash as a default.
Teaching a dog to back up into the heel position on walks is helpful for many reasons.

1- If you have more than one dog on a walk sometimes it can be hard to turn around and go the other way if both dogs are ahead of you. Teaching them to back into the heel position allows you to move freely

2- If you train your dog that when he reaches the end of the leash the only way he can move forwards again is to back up, he will consciously start avoiding hitting the end of the leash. This means- No more pulling on leash.

3- This is a great impulse control exercise based on the Premack Principle. In order to move forwards you must first move backwards.

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