Teach Your Brain To SPEAK in English in 21 Days

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👉🏻 Do you get stuck when you need to speak English because you can’t stop translating in your head? Do you get nervous when it is time to speak? Do you need help establishing a speaking routine?👈🏻
How about rebooting your brain and teaching your brain to SPEAK in English over the next 21 days?

Not having anyone to practice with DOES NOT mean you cannot speak English. You need to include English Speaking in your practice and build solid speaking habits if you want to condition your brain to speak more naturally in English. In this English lesson, I wanna show you how you can teach your brain to speak in English in 21 days. It’s hard work, but it can be done!

I will also explain how this practice is going to help you go from stuck to speaking over the next 6 months!

At a pre-intermediate or intermediate level, it’s important to study English in English. Having a speaking routine is ESSENTIAL if you want to better prepare yourself for real-life conversations in English so you speak more clearly and remember the words faster.

🎯 This is a very practical English lesson that will teach you how to work on your speaking skills

🔥Remembering what you study is essential if you want to go from stuck to speaking because that will give you the confidence to talk to anyone anywhere anytime in English!

▶️ It’s a short and efficient English lesson that will help you speak English more clearly and correctly.

✅ So take notes, pay attention and follow the recommendations I will give you in this English video
If you want to speak English clearly anywhere anytime, let’s check out this lesson!

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🤩 Get my study plan and learn how to organize your study routine: https://teacherprix.kpages.online/ciclo-21
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