Symphony of Psalms Concert: Phil Webb & John MacArthur Sing, Pray, & Read the Psalms

Sing, pray and read the psalms in this concert event presented by Hymns of Grace and Grace Community Church. Master of ceremonies led by Phil Webb, with Bill Brandenstein directing the choir and orchestra. Additional reading and prayer by Pastor John MacArthur and Austin Duncan.

Access the digital handout from the concert by clicking on the link below.

Timestamps, for everyone’s convenience:

0:00 Welcoming address and opening prayer
1:14 Introduction & exposition on Psalm 46 (and Martin Luther) by Phil Webb
6:15 Psalm 46 – Congregational reading
7:43 “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” – Martin Luther
12:03 Exposition on Psalm 100 (and John Calvin) by Phil Webb
13:56 Psalm 100 – Congregational reading
14:45 “All People That On Earth Do Dwell” – The Genevan Psalter
17:46 Exposition on Psalm 19 (and Isaac Watts) by Phil Webb
22:22 “The Heavens Declare Your Glory, Lord” – Isaac Watts
25:23 Psalm 23 – Reading by John MacArthur
26:45 “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is” – Henry W. Baker
31:56 Exposition on Psalm 45 by Austin Duncan
34:49 “O King, You Are Most Worthy” – Matthew Searles
39:23 Exposition on Psalm 91 by Phil Webb
41:58 “Christ Will Be My Hideaway” – Sovereign Grace Music
47:21 Psalm 8 – Congregational reading
48:40 “Yahweh, Our God, How Majestic” – David P. Regier
52:12 Exposition on Psalm 42 by Austin Duncan
56:17 “Lord, From Sorrows Deep I Call” – Matt Boswell & Matt Papa
1:00:01 Exposition on Psalm 34 by Phil Webb
1:02:35 “Taste And See” – Shane Bernard & Joe Rigney
1:07:04 Psalm 130 – Reading by Phil Webb
1:09:18 “I Will Wait For You” – Keith Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker, & Stuart Townend
1:14:42 Psalm 103 – Reading by John MacArthur
1:17:19 “All His Benefits” – Paul Baloche and Ed Kerr
1:22:40 Psalm 150 – Congregational reading
1:23:50 “Praise The Lord” – Matt Boswell & Matt Papa
1:27:23 Final address and closing prayer

The Psalms of Grace hymnal will be available for purchase toward the end of 2022 on our website: Below is the synopsis on the project.

Psalms of Grace is a new hymnal publication from The Master’s Seminary Press to be released late in 2022. This collection of scripture, poetry and hymns will be a unique publication of a modern Psalter. The main content will consist of the Biblical book of Psalms taken from the new Legacy Standard Bible translation. Accompanying these passages will be short commentaries provided by members of the translation team. The Psalter portion of this hymnal will provide music and lyrics that correspond to the Biblical texts along with other metrical Psalter texts and prayers. Psalms of Grace seeks to fill a void in hymnal publications that has seen an decreased emphasis on singing of texts derived from the book of Psalms. These versifications and paraphrases will provide a way for music to connect to the words of the Biblical text and make these ancient truths a part of everyday life and congregational singing.

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Hymns of Grace exists to assist believers in their corporate and private worship of God. It is our mission to provide resources that focus on God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit as revealed in the Word of God. To that end we seek to produce musical material that focuses on God, His Word and the Gospel story, melding beautiful melodies with eternal truth.


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