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Joseph and the coat of many colors is always a popular Sunday school lesson with children. Not only is Joseph young, adored, and well dressed. But the story (found in Genesis 37) is high on the drama factor. The Old Testament account includes dreams, favoritism, sibling rivalry, and dastardly plotting. Poor Joseph ends up in a well before his brothers decide to sell him into slavery.

That begins a fascinating journey for Joseph. Eventually he rises to power and saves—and forgives—his brothers. (See Genesis 50:15-21.)

When you’re teaching children about Joseph and the coat of many colors, use kid-friendly Sunday school lessons and resources. Start with these 14 ideas, adapting the material for your classroom needs.

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Discover lessons, games, crafts, and other activities to use in classes and children’s church. Kids will love learning about Joseph, a young man of faith.

1. Colorful Coat Game

First, introduce the day’s lesson by playing this fun, active game. Kids will enjoy weaving a colorful coat onto Joseph.

2. Joseph’s Jealous Brothers

Explore the concept of jealousy that’s at the root of this Bible story. The lesson has a Bible object lesson that children are sure to remember.

3. Perfect for Preschoolers

Use the variety of activities here to teach your youngest students about Joseph and the coat of many colors. We especially love this puppet.

4. Snack on Joseph’s Coat

What a creative, yummy snack for this Bible story! It’s sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. (Here’s a similar themed snack to try.)

5. Craft a Coat of Many Colors

Add a special touch to your Bible lesson with this colorful craft. You can add the Scripture verse Romans 12:21 to the finished product.

6. Lesson Plan: Joseph’s Story

Try using these tips for teaching children the OT biblical story of Joseph.

7. Joseph’s Coat Children’s Sermon

Share this kids message from Genesis during children’s church or Sunday school.

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