Spring + Summer Family Ministry Event: Kite-Flying


As the seasons change and we move into warmer—and windier—weather, host a family ministry kite-flying event. Here are some building blocks for putting on this sky-high event.

Spring + Summer Family Ministry Event: Kite-Flying

The Set-Up

Send out a detailed invite to families in the mail, online, or both. Have them bring kites to a large field or park that’s free of trees and power lines. Families can take turns flying their kites. You can even use this event as an outreach to new families.

A Sweet Treat

Serve everyone diamond or square-shaped cookies decorated with colored frosting and sprinkles—and don’t forget to add licorice whip kite tails to the cookies. Or, for a bonus activity, provide the ingredients and supplies to allow everyone to create their own decorated kite cookies!

A Short Devotional

While everyone enjoys their kite cookies, close with a short devotion about how the Holy Spirit can be our “wind”—the powerful gift from God that lifts, guides, anchors, and encourages us so we can soar.

Quick Tips for Hosting a Kite-Flying Event

  • Assemble kites according to the directions, or they may not fly.
  • Check wind speed. Wind that’s 5 to 25 miles per hour is best for kite-flying.
  • Don’t fly kites in inclement weather. Rain or lightning is dangerous to kites — and kite fliers.
  • Never fly kites near airports, close to power lines, or over roads.

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