Sleep in God's Favor: How to Fall Asleep with Guided Meditation | Psalms

Abide Sleep Meditations teaches you how to Fall Asleep through guided meditations on Psalms. Invite ultimate relaxation through restorative scriptures and prayers for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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0:00:18 Psalm 5: The Gift of God’s Favor by James
0:14:34 Psalm 119: Within His Reach by Will
0:33:53 Psalm 127: The Gift Of Sleep by Tyler
0:45:23 Psalm 45: Anointed Sleep by Tyler
1:08:27 Psalm 62: Rest in God by Drew
1:24:29 ed Psalm 62: Rest in God for relaxing sleep meditating on God’s Word
1:40:31 Psalm 3: I Lie Down to Sleep by Tyler
1:52:08 Psalm 51: Insomnia by Bonnie
2:07:49 Psalm 138: Holy Rest by Tyler
2:19:42 Psalm 51: Prayers & Promises by James
2:30:36 Psalm 143: Evening Lullaby by Anna
2:47:11 Psalm 113: Peaceful Praise by Bonnie
2:59:17 Psalm 95: Every Knee Shall Bow by James
3:21:15 Psalm 27: No Fear by Will
3:36:13 Psalm 90: The Eternal God by Bonnie
3:54:18 Psalm 8: His Glory, Our Good by Tyler
4:13:22 Psalm 4: Sleep In Peace by Bonnie
4:14:47 Psalm 91: Angels Protect You by Bonnie
4:38:12 Psalm 121: My Help Comes from God by Tyler
4:54:00 Psalm 121: My Help Comes from God for relaxing sleep meditating on God’s Word
5:08:17 Psalm 23: The Lord is My Shepherd by Drew
5:21:01 Psalm 91: Sleep Peacefully by Bonnie
5:36:53 ed Psalm 91: Sleep Peacefully for relaxing sleep meditating on God’s Word
5:54:44 Psalm 34: God is So Good by Tyler
6:10:54 Psalm 100: Enter His Gates by Bonnie

Abide is the #1 Bible app for reducing stress, improving sleep, and experiencing God’s peace every day. Research shows that Christians who meditate weekly have stronger faith and experience more of God’s peace. Guided meditations like Abide can also improve overall well-being, reducing stress, anxiety, and more. Our team’s goal is to create premium Christian content to help people relax, trust God, and enjoy renewing sleep. Thank you for your support. Let’s find peace together in God’s goodness! ~Abide

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