Simple No-Prep Activity: Unwelcome Home!


When you have extra time in your lesson, consider using this simple, no-prep activity where kids play a version of Capture the Flag and learn how Jesus loves us no matter what.

This game helps kids explore Luke 15:11-32 with the Bible story: Parable of the prodigal son.

No-Prep Activity: Unwelcome Home!

Say: In today’s Bible story, the son didn’t think he’d be welcomed home as a son, but hoped to get a job with his dad. He must have been so surprised when his dad welcomed him with open arms and a big party!


  • Tell about a place you feel welcome.
  • Tell about a time you didn’t feel welcome. Share your own story first.

Say: Well, the father welcomed the son home. And Jesus welcomes us because Jesus loves us no matter what. But the older brother wasn’t so welcoming. In this game, you won’t feel very welcome!

  • Form two equal mixed-age teams.
  • Assign each team a side of the room, and use shoes, chairs, or other classroom items as markers to mark the center line of the room.
  • The goal of the game is to touch the wall on the opponent’s side of the room.
  • Once you cross into “enemy” territory, you can be tagged and sent back to your side.
  • Continue until someone successfully touches the opposite wall, and declare their team the winner.
  • Mix up the teams and play again.
  • Let the game keep going as long as needed to fill time until parents begin to arrive.

This simple no-prep activity comes from DIG IN Children’s Church. When you have extra time you need to fill, DIG IN Children’s Church has got you covered with the Overtime Activity block, where you’ll find activities like these ones that require no supplies and no prep! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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