Simple Changes To Shift From Good to Godly Parenting


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Do you ever feel like your parenting efforts are just falling short? Sometimes all it takes are small adjustments to make huge progress.

Most Christian parents want to be the godly parent their child deserves, but they find it hard to get from good to godly parenting. More specifically, they struggle to break free from traditional Christian parenting (a rules-based model) to true Christian parenting (a relationship-based model) from the Bible.

Here are some mental and practical adjustments you can start implementing TODAY to make the difference between good and godly parenting in your home. It might just be easier than you think.

Good parents take OWNERSHIP of their children seriously – “These are my kids and I’m going to make sure they turn out right.”

Godly parents take STEWARDSHIP of their children seriously – “These are God’s kids entrusted to me to lead them to him and his purposes.”

Good parents focus on BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION – ”My kids will be the most well-behaved.”

Godly parents focus on HEART CHANGE – “My kids are foolish at heart, and in need of God’s grace, just like I am.”

Good parents care about OUTWARD CONFORMITY.

Godly parents care more about INWARD MOTIVES.

Good parents teach their children WHAT to think.

Godly parents teach their children HOW to think.

Good parents try to INSTILL biblical values in their children.

Godly parents teach their children how to POSSESS biblical values and personally live them out.

Good parents try to GIVE ALL THE ANSWERS to life’s questions.

Godly parents encourage and ALLOW TOUGH QUESTIONS from their kids.

Good parents REGULARLY GIVE TIME and attention to their children.

Godly parents INTENTIONALLY INVEST TIME and attention in their children.

Good parents want their children’s traditions and preferences to be motivated by FAMILY LOYALTY.

Godly parents want their children’s traditions and preferences to be rooted in their LOVE FOR JESUS.

Good parents see DISCIPLINE AS NECESSARY for good behavior.

Godly parents see DISCIPLINE AS AN AVENUE to their child’s heart.

Good parents EXPECT IMITATION from their children.

Godly parents ENCOURAGE INDIVIDUALITY in their children.

Good parents read the Bible IN FRONT OF THEIR CHILDREN.

Godly parents also read the Bible TOGETHER WITH THEIR CHILDREN.

Good parents prioritize TAKING THEIR KIDS TO CHURCH.

Godly parents prioritize BEING THE PRIMARY SPIRITUAL INFLUENCER in their kids’ lives.

Good parents take THEIR FAMILY RULES seriously.

Godly parents take THEIR FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS even more seriously.

Good parents often produce GOOD KIDS.

Godly parents are more likely to produce GODLY ADULTS.

How could you shift your thinking or practice to become more of a godly parent than just a good one?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you agree? Disagree? Or have others that you’d add to this list?

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission. 


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