Resources for Choosing Faith-Based Baby Names

Biblical girl names seem to make regular comebacks throughout the years. And these days, the options for baby names go far beyond Mary, Sarah, and Elizabeth. Although “throwback” names do cycle back into fashion, today’s Christian parents dive deeper into Scripture for ideas.

The meanings of biblical girl names are important for parents—and for the child herself. As Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”

Great Bible names for girls are available in both the Old Testament and New Testament. From A to Z, parents can ponder hundreds of biblical girl names. These include Bible character names (Eve, Miriam, Joanna), biblical place names (Eden, Bethany, Jordan), and biblical concepts and traits (Faith, Hope, Charity). “Nevaeh”—or “heaven” spelled backward—was trending recently.

Biblical names for girls work well as either first or middle names. And you can often choose from a variety of spellings. So take a look at name meanings, and also consider what sounds good with your last name.

Your church’s nursery and kidmin program can welcome new babies to the congregation. Consider printing customized baby dedication or baptism certificates for each infant. Volunteers might want to create baptism banners or crafts featuring the child’s name.

11 Lists of Biblical Girl Names to Consider

What’s in a name? A lot, if you choose one from Scripture!

1. Hundreds of Bible-Based Girl Names

At this list, you can browse through more than 300 biblical girl names. (Example: Rebecca is a Hebrew word that means “servant of God.”)

2. Beautiful Bible Names

Parents will love seeing each name’s meaning, origin, and popularity. (Naomi, from the Old Testament, is Hebrew for “pleasant one.”)

3. Christian Names for Girls

Check out this comprehensive list of biblical names for baby girls. (Drusilla, from Acts 24:10-27, means “dewy eyed” or “fruitful.”)

4. Bible Names Video

Watch this brief clip about the popularity of Bible names.

5. Spiritual Names

Many of these 100 girl names are from the Bible. (Note that some are from mythology or other faith traditions.)

6. Track Your Favorites

At this site, you can click on and keep track of your favorite biblical girl names. We like Selah, a common phrase from Psalms.

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