Quick Game for All Ages: Change It Up


In this simple and quick game for all ages, kids do some improv acting as they learn how Jesus changes our lives.

This game helps kids explore Acts 9:1-19 with the Bible story: God changes Saul’s life.

Quick Game: Change It Up

Say: When Saul met Jesus, he changed from a big bully who was out to get Christians to someone who told everyone about Jesus! Jesus changes our lives. Let’s play an acting game where you’ll act out something ordinary and then change it up into something extraordinary.

  • Have kids complete these acting challenges. Allow about 10-15 seconds of acting before adding the “change.”
    • You’re riding a bike…with no gravity!
    • You’re brushing your teeth…while eating Oreos!
    • You’re doing your homework…with a magic pencil that fills in all the right answers!
    • You’re setting the table…to have dinner with your favorite celebrity!
    • You’re feeding the dog…who tells you all about his day while he eats!
    • You’re scrolling on your phone…and get transported 200 years in the future!
    • You’re making your bed…with sheets made of candy!
    • You’re washing your hands…and can make the water bend!
    • You’re eating breakfast…but a robot is feeding you!
    • You’re reading a book…and the characters come to life in front of you!
  • Let the game keep going as long as needed to fill time until parents begin to arrive. If you get through the whole list, you and kids can make up additional scenes that change from ordinary to extraordinary.

Periodically throughout the game, say: Jesus takes the ordinary in our lives and makes us extraordinary. Jesus changes our lives.

This simple and quick game comes from DIG IN Children’s Church. When you have extra time you need to fill, DIG IN Children’s Church has got you covered with the Overtime Activity block, where you’ll find activities like these ones that require no supplies and no prep! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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