Psalms: The Bible Explained

Watch our Introduction video on the book of Psalms, which outlines the book’s main theme and how it is fulfilled in Jesus.

The Psalms are songs for a people waiting in exile. They spring from Israel’s history, when people like King David wrote inspired songs giving thanks, repenting of sin, affirming God’s promises, or asking for help. The Psalms have been a source of hope, a guide for honest prayer, and a treasury of prophetic promises for God’s people throughout generations. Now, Jesus has fulfilled these Psalms and given them to his church, providing us with songs to sing while we wait in this earthly exile for his return.

David: Cory Phillips
Samuel: Kelvin Carrington
Saul: Jamal Williams
Saul’s Guard: Finny Varughese
Bathsheba: Claire Holt
Levite Musician: Alana Adams
Last Exile: Dathan Smith
Exiles: Shamiel Gary, Ben Abraham, Kelvin Carrington, Alana Adams
Scribe: Tyler Huffman
Jesus: Danny Varghese

Special thanks to Oklahoma Christian University for allowing us to use their facilities for this production.

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