Psalm 38

Seeking Gods Sympathy

A psalm of David. A prayer.

Lord, don’t correct me when you are angry.
Don’t punish me when you are burning with anger.

2 You have wounded me with your arrows.
You have struck me with your hand.

3 Because of your anger, my whole body is sick.
Because of my sin, I’m not healthy.

4 My guilt has become too much for me.
It is a load too heavy to carry.

5 My wounds are ugly. They stink.
I’ve been foolish. I have sinned.

6 I am bent over. I’ve been brought very low.
All day long I go around sobbing.

7 My back is filled with burning pain.
My whole body is sick.

8 I am weak. I feel as if I’ve been broken in pieces.
I groan because of the great pain in my heart.

9 Lord, everything I really want is clearly known to you.
You always hear me when I sigh.

10 My heart pounds. My strength is gone.
My eyes can hardly see.

11 My friends and companions avoid me because of my wounds.
My neighbors stay far away from me.

12 Those who are trying to kill me set their traps.
Those who want to harm me talk about destroying me.
All day long they plan ways to trick me.

13 I’m like a deaf person. I can’t hear.
I’m like someone who can’t speak, who can’t say a word.

14 I’m like a man who doesn’t hear.
I’m like someone whose mouth can’t make any reply.

15 Lord, I wait for you to help me.
Lord my God, I know you will answer.

16 I said, “Don’t let my enemies have the joy of seeing me fall.
Don’t let them brag when my foot slips.”

17 I am about to fall.
My pain never leaves me.

18 I admit that I have done wrong.
I am troubled by my sin.

19 I have many powerful enemies. They are strong and healthy.
They hate me without any reason.

20 They pay me back with evil, even though I was good to them.
They tell lies about me because I try to do what is good.

21 Lord, don’t desert me.
My God, don’t be far away from me.

22 Lord my Savior,
come quickly to help me.

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