Psalm 138

Expressing our love

for the lord

with thanks and praise

A psalm of David.

Lord, I will praise you with all my heart.
In front of those who think they are gods
I will sing praise to you.
I will bow down facing your holy temple.
I will praise your name,
because you are always loving and faithful.
You have honored your holy word
even more than your own fame.
When I called out to you, you answered me.
You made me strong and brave.
Lord, may all the kings on earth praise you
when they hear about what you have decided.
Lord, may they sing about what you have done,
because your glory is great.
Though the Lord is high above all, he cares for the lowly.
Though he is in heaven above, he sees them on earth below.
Trouble is all around me,
but you keep me alive.
You reach out your hand to put a stop to the anger of my enemies.
With your powerful right hand you save me.
Lord, you will show that I was right to trust you.
Lord, your faithful love continues forever.
You have done so much for us, so don’t stop now.

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