Psalm 119 — In love with God’s word — Reading the Psalms

The longest psalm in the whole book of psalms, and described by some as the longest chapter in the Bible, this psalm reveals a child of God’s love for the word of God. God chose to reveal himself to man with words. True, at times he used visions and the miracles performed by prophets, Christ and his apostles reveal God’s will & power. Yet, nothing else in all history reveals the creator to his creature like his word. We are asked to listen & love through his word. 

A friend of mine once compared this psalm to a love letter. The adoration the person feels for another compels them to illustrate the extent of their love with words. As we read through this psalm, listen to the love the psalmist has for God and his word. He loves an ever faithful God whose word are forever comforting.

It’s important to understand that the psalmist created this psalm with a certain organized structure. Each 8 verse stanza begins with a corresponding letter of the Hebrew alphabet. If done in English, the first 8 verses would begin with “A”, the next 8 verses with “B”. While this does not translate from Hebrew into our English translations, imagine composing a poem in this way. While the feat demonstrates technical skill, the poem is still full of beauty and power in its writing. The psalm is an astounding feat of artistry and religious devotion, all while being the very words of God.

I have here included a translation of the first 8 verses in which each verse begins with the letter “A”. Read this, and the whole of psalm 119, and learn to love God’s word.

1 A blessing is on them that are undefiled in the way
and walk in the law of the LORD;
2 A blessing is on them that keep his testimonies,
and seek him with their whole heart;
3 Also on them that do no wickedness,
but walk in his ways.
4 A law hast thou given unto us,
that we should diligently keep thy commandments.
5 Ah! Lord, that my ways were made so direct
that I might keep thy statutes!
6 And then shall I not be confounded,
while I have respect unto all thy commandments.
7 As for me, I will thank thee with an unfeigned heart,
when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.
8 An eye will I have unto thy ceremonies,
O forsake me not utterly.

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