Psalm 101

Imitate Gods love

for one another

A psalm of David.

I will sing about your love and fairness.
Lord, I will sing praise to you.

I will be careful to lead a life
that is without blame.
When will you come and help me?
In my own home I will lead a life
that is without blame.

I won’t look at anything that is evil and call it good.
I hate the acts of people who aren’t faithful to you.
I won’t have anything to do with those things.

I will stay away from those whose hearts are twisted.
I won’t have anything to do with what is evil.

I will get rid of anyone
who tells lies about their neighbor in secret.
I won’t put up with anyone
whose eyes and heart are proud.

I will look with favor on the faithful people in the land.
They will live with me.
Those whose lives are without blame will serve me.

No one who lies and cheats
will live in my house.
No one who tells lies
will serve me.

Every morning I will get rid of
all the sinful people in the land.
I will remove from the city of the Lord
everyone who does what is evil.

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