Preteen Service Project: Comfort Pillows

Have your preteen students make these comfort pillows as a great service project to show the love of Jesus to children in hospitals or shelters.

Age Level: 10 to 12

You’ll Need:

  • different colors of felt
  • large blunt sewing needles
  • embroidery thread
  • cotton fill
  • scissors
  • fabric paint

Time: 1 hour

Have kids choose two different colors of felt. Then have kids write “The Lord is my strength and my shield. (Psalm 28:7)” on one piece of felt with fabric paint. Set aside that piece to dry.

Then from a different color piece of felt, have kids cut out three shapes such as hearts, stars, a cross, or a smiley face. Have kids place their shapes on one piece of felt and then sew them on using a large blanket stitch with a needle and embroidery thread. Or for a quicker alternative, have kids draw the images on the felt piece with fabric paint.

Once both pieces are complete, have kids stack them with the decorated sides facing out. Using a long blanket stitch, have kids sew all the edges together, leaving a 4-inch opening along the final edge. Without detaching the thread, have kids stuff their pillows with cotton fill. Close the 4-inch opening by completing the blanket stitch pattern and tying a knot.

Consider delivering the pillows to a shelter or to a children’s hospital along with a snack and a chance for children to meet.

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