Preschool Fall Craft: Fall Feely Sensory Boxes

In this preschool fall craft, kids make “feely fabric boxes” from sensory scraps such as cotton balls, feathers, felt, fake fur, and burlap.

You’ll need:

  • tacky craft glue
  • ribbon
  • lace
  • rickrack
  • small boxes (1 per child)
  • various nature items such as leaves, pine cones, twigs, flowers, grass, pebbles, and sand

Preschool Fall Craft


Give each child an empty box for this preschool fall craft. Then take children on a nature walk and invite them to collect items to fill their autumn boxes. Suggest items like leaves, twigs, flowers, sand, pine cones, grass, and pebbles.

Set out glue and bits of ribbon, lace, and rickrack. Have kids glue ribbon, lace, rickrack, and a few of their nature items to the outside of their boxes.

Invite children to place the extra nature items inside their boxes. Talk about how the different items look and feel.

Extra Fun

Let children hold their creations as they sing this nature song to the tune of “Did You Ever See a Lassie?”

Verse 1:

Did you ever see a flower, a flower, a flower? (Hold up hand with fingers extended like petals.)

Did you ever see a flower blow this way and that? (Sway from side to side.)

God made all the world (Swing arms in a big circle.)

For each boy and girl. (Point to each other.)

Did you ever see a flower blow this way and that? (Sway from side to side.)

Verse 2:

Did you ever see a red leaf…fall this way and that?

Verse 3:

Did you ever see a robin…fly this way and that?

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