Practical Ways to Bring Jesus into Everyday Interactions with Your Little Ones

By embedding biblical principles organically into everyday life, kids can remain steadfast in their faith for a lifetime!

During this episode, Lee Ann Mancini shares valuable insights on how to demonstrate love and care for your children, all while connecting their hearts and minds to Christ. From writing love notes to engaging in open-ended conversations about their day, Lee Ann provides practical ways to bring Jesus into everyday interactions with your little ones. She also emphasizes the importance of honesty, active listening, and establishing a mutually responsive relationship.

Key Takeaways:

  • Prepare your child’s heart to be receptive to Christ’s love and teachings.
  • Include love notes in your child’s lunchbox, reminding them of God’s love and presence in their lives.
  • Learn how to engage your children in meaningful conversations about their day, creating opportunities to share about Jesus and his impact on their lives.
  • Make your child’s birthday a special occasion by emphasizing the significance of their birth, incorporating Christian themes, and fostering an exciting atmosphere from the moment they wake up.
  • Understand the importance of honesty in building trust with your children to create a foundation for open communication and lifelong faith.
  • It is important to give your children your full attention, listen to their feelings, and model respect in order to build a strong parent-child relationship.
  • Embrace small gestures such as crosses on foreheads, gentle touches, and blessings that organically reinforce the significance of Jesus in your children’s lives.
  • Give correction and compliments by following Jesus’ example of praising efforts and expressing disappointment constructively.
  • Display and cherish your children’s artwork, creating lasting memories of their artistic expression and their journey with Christ.
  • Guide your children in expressing their viewpoints respectfully, drawing inspiration from Jesus’ loving disagreements with those he cared for.
  • Instead of saying no, use the yes sandwich.
  • Cultivate a culture of love and faith by consistently reminding your children that you love them, encouraging nightly prayers, and fostering strong connections even as they grow older.
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