Play This Fun Creation Race With Kids

Summer games are a delight for children of all ages. In this outdoor summer game, kids discover the story of Creation while getting creative in a fun relay race.

You’ll need:

  • photocopy of instructions for each team
  • miscellaneous props, including drinking water

Summer Games: Creation Race

Set Up

Venture outside with kids, bringing the miscellaneous props with you. For this summertime game, form two teams and designate a goal line. Give each team a photocopy of the following instructions. Explain that a different person in each team should perform each step. Encourage kids to be creative in finding props, such as a hat pulled over the eyes for the blindfold.


  1. First, lead a blindfolded person to the goal line to represent night. At the goal line, have the person remove the blindfold to represent day and return to your starting place.
  2. Carry a small container of water to the goal line, drink it, and run back to represent water and sky.
  3. Carry a handful of dirt to the goal line to represent the earth. Make a small hill with it and then return.
  4. Carry a small stick to the goal line. Draw a sun, moon, and star in the dirt to represent the lights.
  5. With two pieces of paper, make a bird to represent flying creatures. Carry the bird to the goal line, leave it, and return.
  6. Using small sticks, make a human figure to represent humankind. Carry the figure to the goal line, leave it, and return.
  7. Finally, all teammates run to the goal line and sit in a circle.

For Extra Impact

  • Ask kids: How easy or difficult was it to be creative and find the props you needed for the game? Explain. Why did God make us creative?
  • Read aloud Genesis 1:27. Then ask kids: What does it mean to be created in God’s image?

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