Parenting Challenges & Harmful Effects of Social Media in Today’s Modern Culture


“I think parents today, more than ever, tend to really want their kids not to experience pain or anything negative. And I think that’s understandable in the short run, but in the long run, it really hurts them because all of a sudden, they’re out in the real world and have a job and, and something bad happens, they don’t know how to handle it.” – Steve Hines.

Steve Hines is the author of the recently released book Salt, Light, and Kids: Parenting Well in Today’s Culture, as well as a lifelong entrepreneur and musician. Church of the Highlands founding pastor Chris Hodges wrote the book’s foreword. In the book, Steve talks about how to raise up good kids who are salt and light to our ever-darkening world. Steve lives with his wife, Leigh Ann, in Nashville, where their children, spouses, and grandchildren live.

During this episode, Steve discusses the many parenting challenges in raising children in today’s culture. He sheds light on the impact of technology, social media, and social influences on kids and shares valuable insights from his book Salt, Light, and Kids: Parenting Well in Today’s Culture. He emphasizes the importance of awareness, wise parenting, and the need for parents to guide their children in a rapidly changing world.

Key Takeaways:
  • Confusion and desensitization caused by the media and social media.
  • Increased hate, school shootings, and availability of negative influences due to technology.
  • Importance of awareness and the need for parents to be aware of the content their children are exposed to.
  • Balancing the role of parents as protectors and allowing children to experience hardships and learn from mistakes.
  • Importance of parents being parents and teachers being teachers and the dangers of teachers crossing into parenting roles by influencing children with non-academic subjects.
  • The potential impact of early exposure to certain ideologies and beliefs on children.
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