No-Prep, No-Supply Game: What’s on My Head?


In this no-prep, no-supply game, kids play a version of Charades as they explore the power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This game helps kids explore Acts 1:6-14; Acts 2:1-12 with the Bible story: Jesus passes on his power.

No-Supply Game: What’s on My Head?

Say: Jesus is powerful, and he shares his power through the Holy Spirit. In today’s Bible story, the Holy Spirit came with so much power that people had flames that looked like tongues of fire on their heads. That must have looked so strange! Let’s see if we can figure out what’s on each other’s heads in this game of What’s on My Head?

  • Choose a child to be the first Actor.
  • Whisper one of the items from the list below to the Actor. The Actor will put their hands above their head and use only their hands to act out that item. No sounds or speaking!
  • Other kids will guess what’s on the Actor’s head.
  • The first child to guess correctly can be the next Actor. (If kids would prefer not to act, they can choose someone else instead.)
  • If no one guesses in about a minute, the Actor can announce the answer and choose the next Actor.
  • Here are some ideas for what kids can act out.
    • an alligator
    • a flame
    • a flower
    • an eagle
    • rain
    • spaghetti
    • a chair
    • a tree
    • a lightbulb
    • a fish
    • a roof
    • a mouse
    • a towel
    • a spider
    • a hat
  • Let the game keep going as long as needed to fill time until parents begin to arrive. If you run out of items on the list, add your own or let kids make things up.

This simple no-supply game comes from DIG IN Children’s Church. When you have extra time you need to fill, DIG IN Children’s Church has got you covered with the Overtime Activity block, where you’ll find activities like this that requires no supplies and no prep! For even more game ideas, check out these posts!

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