2 Peter


#1. Peter is keen to remind Christians of their faith because his time is short. Why is this? (II Peter 1:13-14)

#2. As an example of what awaits sinners, Peter mentions the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrha, the great flood, and the imprisonment of who in Hell? (II Peter 2:4-6)

#3. Peter's second letter ends with a warning to Christians not to be led astray by who or what? (II Peter 3:17-18)

#4. Talking of the last days, what does Peter say will be dissolved after being set on fire? (II Peter 3:11-13)

#5. What is mentioned for the first time by Peter as being a part of the Bible? (II Peter 3:15-16)

#6. In the opening lines of the letter, Peter wishes that two things should increase for his readers. What are they? (II Peter 1:1-3)

#7. Peter assures his readers that the stories about Jesus are true. How does he guarantee it? (II Peter 1:16-18)

#8. What is it that Peter says can be relied on, because they came from the Holy Spirit? (II Peter 1:20-21)

#9. Peter says that one day to God is how long for us? (II Peter 3:8-9)

#10. Peter says that false teachers are made to be destroyed, just like what? (II Peter 2:12)

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