1 Peter


#1. Addressing church elders, Peter says that they should be examples to their flocks. If they are, they will be rewarded when who returns? (I Peter 5:2-4)

#2. Jesus is the cornerstone to His believers, but to those who reject Him He is a "stone of stumbling" and "a rock of..." what? (I Peter 2:7-8)

#3. Peter tells his readers to beware because the Devil is abroad. What animal does Peter liken the Devil to? (I Peter 5:8)

#4. Peter advises women against wearing plaited hair, gold and jewellery or fancy clothes. What does he suggest that they wear instead? (I Peter 3:3-4)

#5. Christ, says Peter, was rejected by men but precious to God. He came to us as a living what? (I Peter 2:4-5)

#6. We are all given gifts from God, says Peter. How are we to use them? (I Peter 4:10-11)

#7. Christians are urged by Peter to live together in harmony, not arguing or holding grudges. What does he say that we shall inherit if we live in this way? (I Peter 3:8-9)

#8. Peter, like Paul before him, says that we should obey the government. He says that we should love our brothers and fear God. What should we do to the king? (I Peter 2:13-17)

#9. What does Peter tell us to do if we are treated unjustly or beaten without reason? (I Peter 2:20-21)

#10. If a Christian is to suffer for his faith, what should he not do, according to Peter? (I Peter 4:16-17)

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