Native/Indigenous American and Alaska Native Heritage Month Resources for 2023

November is Native American Heritage Month in the U.S. This month provides an opportunity to learn more about the histories, cultures, and experiences of Indigenous American and Alaska Native communities. It beckons us to amplify the voices and stories of these communities that have been historically silenced in the U.S. It also calls us as Christians to attend to Indigenous Americans’ struggles for liberation and to strive for justice and peace with and for Indigenous Americans and Alaska Natives.

To help churches lift up Indigenous American and Alaska Native histories and stories this November, we at Building Faith have compiled a list of resources as a starting point for further learning. This list features new and recent books, articles, podcasts, videos, virtual exhibits, and church resources. We have included the Indigenous nations for authors and illustrators who identify as Indigenous as a way to counter the colonizing legacy of homogenizing and rendering invisible Indigenous identities in the U.S. We hope that these resources may support your congregations in celebrating, learning from, and engaging in justice efforts with Indigenous leaders and communities.


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  • Broken Lands, hosted by Matthew Cobb and Leora Tadgerson (Gnoozhikaaning, Bay Mills, and Wiikwemkong) – A podcast that arose out of reparations work in the ELCA Northeastern Minnesota Synod and discusses issues of treaty violations, reparations, and reconciliation; episodes are often approximately 30 minutes long, and season 2 just launched in October
  • Native American History Episodes” on Unsung History, hosted by Kelly Therese Pollock – A playlist from a podcast that highlights lesser known and untold histories of historically marginalized groups, including women, people of color, and Indigenous communities; the collection contains 11 episodes, and episodes are generally 40 – 55 minutes long


  • Native America” (2018, 2023) – A PBS TV miniseries that focuses on Indigenous American histories and cultures past and present; season 1 has 4 episodes lasting about an hour each, and season 2 started broadcasting and streaming on October 24
  • Without a Whisper – Konnon:kwe” (2021) – A short documentary about the vital role that Indigenous women played in the women’s rights movement in the U.S.

Virtual Exhibits

Church Resources

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