My Faith Deconstruction | Why I'm No Longer a Christian

This video is about why I’m no longer a Christian. I share some experiences growing up in an evangelical fundamentalist homeschool family, my faith deconstruction, and the religious trauma that I am still processing. Thanks so much for watching, and please subscribe for more!

[Terms Mentioned]
Christian Fundamentalism:
Faith Deconstruction:
The Sinner’s Prayer:
Religious Trauma:
Progressive Christianity:
Christian Universalism:
Faith Crisis:

[Resources Mentioned]
“Exvangelical” by Blake Chastain:
“White Homework” by Tori Williams Douglass:
“You are Your Own” by Jamie Lee Finch:

00:00 – Being born into christian fundamentalism
01:40 – Growing up homeschooled and isolated
03:07 – My cultish family and my abusive “prophet” dad
04:10 – Religious trauma, therapy, and PTSD
04:40 – How my faith deconstruction started
05:03 – Progressive christian blogs and new values
07:40 – My first faith crisis: is god even real?
09:57 – Rejecting the doctrine of hell
10:56 – Trying (and failing) to hold onto my faith
12:47 – The pain of losing my belief in Jesus
14:45 – Refusing to believe out of fear
16:21 – Listening to stories and joining the conversation

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Title: By the Riverside

Image description: Elly is white with brown eyes and straight, shoulder-length brown hair. She is wearing a gray shirt with little white hearts on it. Sitting on the floor in a bedroom, she looks into the camera as she talks.

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