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Presenting a collection of Iconic Traditional Christian Worship songs that we grew on. Every song is meaningful with unmatched lyrics and music. A team of new age musicians have given the songs a contemporary touch but yet preserved the original essence of these songs, singer Immanuel Henry has rendered the songs in his soulful voice. Jemil Mathew, Shalom Benny, Joshif Vazhoor and Sidharth.S crafted the programming.
Though we don’t know the lyricists of some of these songs other than Mr. M.E.Cherian, Mr. V.Nagel and Mr.Babychen Kadamanitta , we cannot thank enough these men of God who penned these immortal songs.

▪︎Singer – Immanuel Henry
▪︎Lyrics & Music – M. E. Cherian, V. Nagel, K.V. David
▪︎Programming – Jemil Mathews, Shalom Benny, Joshif Vazhoor , Sidharth S
▪︎Recording – The Z- Room Kochi
▪︎Design – Biju K B

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❇️Immanuel Henry Hits Vol.2 ~


1. Thunaenikesuve : 00:00
2. Yeshuvodu Cherniripathu : 09:08
3. En Rakshaka En Daivame : 14:44
4. Anugrahathin Adhipathiye : 21:48
5. Ellam Ange Mahathwathinai : 27:53
6. En Sankadangal Sakalavum : 32:48
7. Uyirtheedum Njan : 39:34

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