Making Memories: Fun Faith-filled Bible Crafts & Activities for Easter

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” – John 3:16

Easter is an incredibly significant holiday in Christian tradition, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But with all the sugary treats and colorful eggs, kids could easily miss the real meaning of Easter. As parents and caretakers, it’s our responsibility to teach our children about the true significance of the holiday.

Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to teach children about the meaning of Easter, making it an enjoyable and meaningful experience for them. In this article, we’ll explore different activities, crafts, and other ideas that families can do to impart an understanding of the crucifixion, resurrection, and other timeless values like love, compassion, and forgiveness that link to the Easter story.

Telling Bible Stories

One way of teaching children about the true meaning of Easter is through Bible stories. Jesus’ resurrection is the central message of Christianity, so it is essential that children learn about this story. Read Bible stories about Jesus, such as The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, and The Resurrection, to help children understand the story of Easter.

  • Easter Story Stones: You can paint or draw various scenes from the story onto stones and then use the stones to retell each scene together as a family.
Easter Craft Ideas

Kids love to be creative, so take advantage of this by having them work on Easter crafts:

  • Cross Crafts: The cross is a powerful symbol and is central to the Easter story. You can create crosses using various materials, such as popsicle sticks, paper, or yarn. You can decorate the crosses and use them as a reminder of the meaning of Easter.
  • Easter Egg Carton Flowers: Making Easter Egg Carton Flowers is a truly unique way to celebrate the holiday. Start by using an egg carton as the base. Cut out individual egg sections and paint with a variety of bright, cheerful colors. Poke a small hole in the base of each section and insert a pipe cleaner, twisting it at the bottom to make a stem. You can further embellish these flowers with buttons or glitter.
  • Paper Plate Easter Chick: Kids will love this easy and fun craft. We suggest using the following:
    • Paper plates
    • Yellow markers/colored pencils/crayons (your preference)
    • Orange construction paper
    • Googly eyes
    • Glue
    • Hole-punch/scissors
    • Any additional decorations – feathers, glitter, beads, etc.

Instructions: Have the children color the white plates. Once they color the entire plate, cut out triangles and rectangles that will be the chicks’ beaks and feet (for younger children, cut these out before handing out plates). Add googly eyes, feathers, and anything else to complete it. Cut a small hole at the top of each chick and tie the yarn to it to hang it up and show off! Write each child’s name on their chick for them to take home.

Egg-cellent Activities

Easter eggs can be used to teach children about what Jesus did for us. You can have children create their eggs and decorate them with messages such as “He is risen.” Get creative and embellish eggs with stickers, markers, paints, or glitter. For an extra decorative touch, use adornments like ribbons, beads, and sequins. Alternatively, you can have an egg scavenger hunt, where each egg found represents a part of the Easter story. We recommend purchasing plastic eggs so you can reuse them! Here are a couple of other egg-tra fun ideas:

  • Resurrection Eggs: This involves using 12 different eggs, each with a small item inside that represents a part of Jesus’s story. For example, one egg could contain a small nail to represent the crucifixion, while another egg could contain a small stone to represent the stone that covered Jesus’ tomb. Once all the eggs are filled, you can open them one by one and discuss the different parts of the story.
  • Easter Egg Wreath: Create a wreath with colorful plastic eggs, ribbon, and a foam wreath base. Kids can take the lead on arranging and gluing the eggs to the wreath and then decorate further with bows, tassels, or even fresh flowers!
Passion Play

Have you ever heard of a Passion Play? A Passion Play is a skit or play that depicts the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Skits and plays are fun ways for children to participate in and can be a great way of teaching them about Easter. Give children the chance to create their own short skits of their version of Easter. This can help children understand and appreciate the significance of what Christ did.

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter baskets are a classic Easter tradition! Instead of filling Easter baskets with candy only, add religious books and gifts:

  • Bible Storybook: One of the best gifts you can give to your family during the Easter season is a good Easter story. A children’s Bible storybook is a beautiful addition to any Easter basket. It is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the Bible stories of Easter, including the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Christian Coloring Book: Try to find an Easter-themed coloring book to help young children understand that Jesus loves them and died for them.
  • Music CD: Music has a powerful impact on children, and the lyrics of the songs can help reinforce the message of Easter. Singing and listening to uplifting music can also be a fun family activity!
  • Memento: Add a meaningful keepsake or memento that reminds them of the message of Easter. A symbol of the cross, a keychain, or a bracelet inscribed with a message of faith can serve as a simple reminder of the true meaning of Easter.
  • Cookies: No Easter basket is complete without something sweet! Consider baking a batch of Easter-themed cookies with your family. You can use cross-shaped cookie cutters or just decorate the cookies with religious symbols like crosses, lambs, or doves.

Teaching children about the true meaning of Easter is an essential part of their spiritual growth. These child-friendly activities are a great way of teaching children about the story of Easter while also providing them with a fun and meaningful experience.

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