Looking for New Ways to Help Engage Your Child in Godly Storytime?

Irene Sun was born in Malaysia to parents who gave their lives to the Lord. For the sake of the gospel, they moved across cultures and continents many times. She studied literature at Yale University, where she holds a master’s degree in religion, and she also studied the Old Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where she holds a master’s degree in theology. She is a Bible teacher and the author of the children’s books God Counts: Numbers in His Word and His World and Taste and See: All about God’s Goodness.

During this episode, Irene shares her inspiration for writing her books, God Counts and Taste and See, and how both books can serve as beginner’s theology books for children. God Counts is a resource for children who love numbers and patterns as it grasps their attention while teaching the Bible, the love of Jesus, and so much more. Taste and See transforms the way children think about food. Irene elaborates on what it means to eat with Christ and how we can teach our children that each meal we share until Jesus comes is a time to remember God’s love for his children.

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