Learning How to Pray for Your Family & Incorporate REST w/ Rhett Wilson


“We don’t live in a simple age. We live in a very complicated age. And I think we really need to learn how to embrace simplicity in part of our lives and learning to rest. And that that means learning to say no to some other things.” – Rhett Wilson.

Rhett Wilson, Sr., a professional communicator, loves telling stories, connecting great ideas with people. He has served as Senior Writer for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Senior Communications Director for Leighton Ford Ministries, and runs his own business, Hendrix Communications. He also serves as a bivocational pastor of Spring Hill Baptist Church in Lancaster, SC.

During this episode, Rhett shares insight from his book, The 7 P’s of Prayer. He discusses a simple prayer strategy using 7 words that begin with the letter “p” to pray for his children. Rhett also dives into the concept of prayer for purity and the significance of guarding our homes from negative influences. He shares impactful stories and explains the unique approach of his book, offering practical advice for enriching prayer lives. Rhett also addressed the modern challenges that families face, emphasizing the importance of guarding our homes and lives against negative influences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Description of the 7 words that begin with the letter “P”.
  • The benefits of praying thematically or topically for children.
  • The speed of society as the greatest threat to the health of families and the impact of digital world and breakneck speed on modern discipleship.
  • The mnemonic for the word “REST” and its importance in prayer for purity.
  • Tying the concept of rest and holiness to the Old Testament concept of Sabbath.
  • Importance of establishing healthy boundaries and simplicity in life.
  • The need for parents to filter messages and set standards for what comes into their homes.
  • The significance of monitoring children’s use of technology.

“Kids go into an educational system, entertainment, and their phones where they often hear a message diametrically opposed to the Christian message and the gospel of Jesus Christ. If parents are not vigilant about filtering those messages and having some standards of what comes into their home, all of those other things are going to influence them or disciple them more than what they are taught at Sunday school.” – Rhett Wilson.

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