Learn Five Easy Magic Tricks for Kids – Vanish, Money, Levitation and More #easymagictricksforkids

Learn five easy magic tricks that let kids magically multiply money, levitate a playing card, vanish objects and more. All of the magic tricks are simple and quick for kids to learn and perform. And they’re great for grown-ups who would like to teach kids some easy magic tricks.

All of the tricks employ household items and some are basic craft projects that can be activiites in themselves. So whether you’re a teacher, parent, or scout leader, you can quickly follow our lessons on great tricks for kids to learn and perform. You’ll also find ideas for magic that kids can perform for a school, pack meeting, assembly, Blue & Gold Dinner or other event.

Please forward questions that you may have in the comments. I try my best to answer all questions.

I’ve included the vanishing toothpick trick here because it’s a great one for kids to learn and perform. In my experience, kids love the trick. However, I do understand that a toothpick can be problematic with its sharp points. So please be cautious. One idea is to break the sharp point from the toothpick. If any grown-ups out there come up with a better object for the trick, please comment below so others may benefit.

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All tricks are taught by professional magician @waynemagician (waynemagician.com)


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