Learn, Be Prepared, Hand Down Confident Faith with the little answer book


There are grandparents/ parents in your ministry who have people they love who have turned from the faith they once had, so it is essential for you to recommend resources to them which will equip them with the answers to the question – why should I believe? I discovered there are solid answers to this question and compiled them into a simple book – the little answer book.

Why might they want this book? consider the following . . . 

  • They want to be equipped with answers to the four most important questions – Is God real? Do God and science go together? Is God good? Is the Bible true?
  • They have someone they love who is questioning their faith and they want a simple, short resource they could give them to help them discover the answers.
  • They want to know the “whys” so they are able to teach them to the children they love to help them have a confident faith.
Whatever the reason or reasons for wanting the little answer book, it is available on Amazon – and is on sale – so they are able to get it and learn the answers – please share this post with the grandparents/parents in your ministry so they are able to learn, be prepared and able to answer questions and hand down confident faith.


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