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Learn about emotions from a real teacher, Ms Rachel! This educational video for kids was written by Ms Rachel and a therapist who has helped so many children handle their big feelings, Ms Rachel’s mom! Parents can trust that Ms Rachel’s preschool learning videos are backed by research, experience and created by professionals! 

The most important skill for kids to have when entering Kindergarten is the ability to regulate their emotions. This skill will help your child be happy and successful in school and form positive relationships. It even helps them succeed academically! 

In this “E for Emotions” special, your child will learn how to identify emotions and how to handle really big feelings! Research shows that we should validate how children feel and help them understand that it’s ok to feel emotions! We just need to express them in positive and appropriate ways. It also includes examples for how to handle a child throwing a toy or hitting and how the child can manage these impulses. This is the best toddler learning video for teaching children and their parents how to manage emotions. 

“Georgie” puppet Copyright 2016 – David Fino & The Brooklyn Puppet Conspiracy. Used with Permission.

This educational video for toddlers and kids will teach about the following emotions and feelings: happy, sad, mad, frustrated, surprised, scared, silly and excited. This comprehensive special also shows common examples of when children feel difficult feelings. The techniques Ms Rachel shows to help children with these feelings can help children of all ages and even adults watching with their little ones! We will also show how to help a friend when they are feeling big feelings. Empathy is also so important to teach preschoolers. 

Ms Rachel and her mom include ideas at the bottom of the screen to help parents in their every day lives with teaching emotional knowledge, emotional regulation and emotional expression. Ms Rachel also shares learning standards for pre-school in the social emotional and academic areas. Children will learn about the letter E and the sound that it makes, recognizing rhymes, counting, colors, shapes and more! You will love this preschool learning video.

If a very young toddler is having a tantrum we can help with distraction and redirection, but it’s also wonderful to share these tools for regulating our emotions that will set us up for success in the future! 

Your child will also learn important preschool skills in every “Preschool for Littles” special, such as counting, letters and letter sounds, colors, numbers, recognizing rhymes and WH questions (Who, What, When Where, Why, How) We also show the ABCs (Alphabet Song) and how to count from 1-20. The show also includes affirmations for kids, which are a wonderful way to build confidence and self-esteem. 

As always, we include many fun kids songs and nursery rhymes and original kids songs. In this episode you’ll hear: 

Preschool for Littles Theme Song by Ms Rachel & Mr Aron 
Mr Golden Sun 
Happy Song – I’m So Happy by Ms Rachel & Mr Aron 
Looby Loo – Here We Go Looby Loo 
Row Row Row Your Boat
Banana, I Feel Surprised 
Peel Bananas Rhyme 
Emotions Finger Family 
We’re Waving 
It’s Ok To Cry by Jules 
Freeze Dance 
Stop Breathe Slowly by Aron 
ABCS – The Alphabet Song – ABC Song
Crabby Crab – By Jules
Big Feelings Affirmations – By Rachel & Aron 
The More We Get Together
If You Should Meet an Elephant 
Tick Tock Cuckoo Clock 
Counting 1- 20 Song – By Aron 
Walking, Walking 

The special includes two books, which are read alouds, “Breathe Slow and Steady, Teddy” and “Sam Feels Sad At School.” Your child will love the movement songs for toddlers and dance songs for toddlers we include. They will be definitely be moving and singing along! This video is wonderful for toddlers, kids, preschoolers, kindergartners and older children. This is our Preschool for Littles E special! We hope you enjoy this special songs for littles movie. We hope we help your child understand emotions and feelings. 

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