Last-Minute Christmas “Extras” to Help Your Holiday Homestretch 


Need last-minute Christmas ideas to help you on your holiday homestretch? We’ve got you covered. Check out these free activities that will help you and the children at your church finish the Christmas season welland most importantly, celebrate Jesus, the newborn King! Plus, download a free Christmas coloring and activity pack!   

Decorate for Christmas. Check.  

Communicate special children’s services. Check. 

Schedule volunteers. Check.  

Plan lessons. Check.  

Re-hang decorations that have fallen down. Check 

Buy red and green construction paper. Check.  

Purchase candy canes…and wet wipes. Check.  

You are breezing through this busy holiday season at your church with flying colors. Great job! Kids have caroled, parents have beamed, volunteers feel appreciated, and most importantly, you’ve experienced and celebrated the newborn King—Jesus!  

You’re on the holiday homestretch, but you just need a few last-minute Christmas “extras” to help welcome kids well and point them to their forever friend, Jesus.  

Well, look no further! We’ve gathered some last-minute Christmas ideas to help. Consider them our gift to you, our friends in ministry.    

Need a last-minute Christmas snack?

Mix up this super simple Christmas snack that helps kids experience the Christmas story! Kids will love hearing the Christmas story as they eat this yummy First Christmas Morning Mix 

Need to get kids moving?

Try these last-minute Christmas games kids and your volunteers will love! Kids will giggle with glee as they play these 5 Festive Last-Minute Christmas Games. And the best gift? No supplies are needed. Hooray!  

Need last-minute Christmas coloring pages?

Conversations naturally spark as kids color and create. So grab some markers and crayons, print these pages, and get to know the children in your church even better this Christmas!  

Add your email down below to access the FREE Christmas coloring and activity pack! Choose the coloring pages you’d like to bring kids some last-minute Christmas creativity and fun.  

Need conversation starters?

Remember, kids should be seen and heard. So consider using these Christmassy conversation starters to turn last-minute Christmas coloring activities into friendship building!  

  • Point out a specific color of marker or crayon a child has chosen to use. What other (red) things do you like?  
  • If you were a sheep and saw angels suddenly appear, what noise would you make?  
  • If you could pick a song to play when Jesus was born, what would you choose? 
  • Would you rather be a shepherd or one of the wise men who visited Jesus? Tell why. 
  • Who could you give your coloring page to? Why would you choose that person?  

Finally, a prayer for you and the children and families you lead:

As you wrap up this Christmas season, may you know how much God loves you and may you put your trust in his love (1 John 4:16). Amen.  

Merry Christmas! 

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