Kid’s Valentine’s Day Outreach Idea: Love Your Neighbor Day

February is the perfect time for kids in your ministry to show your church neighbors the love of Jesus through acts of kindness. Here is how one children’s minister uses this holiday as the perfect opportunity for outreach.

Kid’s Valentine’s Day Outreach Idea: Love Your Neighbor Day

Have kids form groups and each come up with a creative way to show love for their neighbors. These people could be across the street from your church or around the block. Ideas such as delivering a basket of heart-shaped cookies, shoveling driveways anonymously, or leaving a bouquet of flowers at their door are just some of the ways kids can show Jesus’ love to neighbors on the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Encourage kids to continue the wave of kindness. Finally, tell them to team up with their family members to show kindness to their neighbors at home as well. You never know the year-round relationships that you can form!

Kristy Coughlin
Los Angeles, California

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