Jordan Peterson on FAITH, Worship of Christ, and sanctimonious authority #JordanPeterson #Faith #God

Jordan Peterson talks about Faith, and how we cannot act without faith. Jordan Peterson talks about Jesus Christ, and how the pursuit towards the best possible thing is the same as the worship of Christ. Also Dr. Peterson talks about how there’s sometimes the wrong sanctimonious tone from authority figures in the church.

Jordan B Peterson talks more about God, Jesus Christ, Christianity and the biblical stories on this podcast-
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Jordan Peterson, God, and Christianity with Word on Fire | The JBP Podcast – S4: E69

Jordan Peterson talks about how faith is demonstrated in the actions. Jordan Peterson gives excellent Biblical lectures on his YouTube channel among many other wonderful podcasts and interviews. His Biblical series is worth checking out! Having faith in Jesus Christ is so important and belief and faith is demonstrated in action.

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Beyond Order –
12 Rules for Life:
Maps of Meaning:
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