Jesus Takes Away ALL Our Sins

Need a crucifixion object lesson for children? This visual object lesson about sin and forgiveness will be stuck in kids’ heads for all time. One day it just may click not to take Jesus on the cross for granted.

Disappearing Sin Object Lesson! Was Jesus really the final sacrifice for our sins? Did he really take on all of our sin? These are big questions and often a difficult concept for a child to wrap his mind around.

Help kids make sense of this with a simple crucifixion object lesson. It’s especially perfect for visual learners (more than half the population). Review my article about visual learners and teaching these children most effectively. To sum it up, most children are visual learners, meaning they learn by seeing. This may be through pictures, video, puppets, objects or object lessons.

Get creative with your class and they’ll not only love you for it. They’ll also remember more of what you teach than ever before. One of my favorite crucifixion object lessons is about Jesus taking on our sins.

How to Do This Crucifixion Object Lesson


  • a plate
  • a coin
  • a candle
  • matches (or lighter)
  • a cup of colored water (any color)
  • a clear drinking glass

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