Jake Freels- Encouraging Godly Men to Step Up and Lead their Families


“In chaos, God sees perfection. In these moments of utter despair and brokenness, the most historic tragedy of my life, losing my dad and my family being crushed and broken, yet there was perfection, yet there was he saw us whole.” – Jake Freels.

Jake Freels is a real estate developer, businessman, state champion football coach, avid outdoorsman, missionary, rodeo competitor, movie producer, overseer of men’s ministry, mentor to men & young men, and most importantly, an amazing dad and husband to his wife and four children. The most incredible thing about Jake, though, is not everything he does but the story of how he overcame the tragic loss of his dad when he was a child. This loss sent him spiraling out of control from ages 9 to 19. He then found hope, life, purpose, and healing when he met Jesus in college.

During this episode, Jake shares his passion for mentoring men through outdoor adventures to connect them with God and bring about transformation in their lives. He emphasizes the importance of authentic encounters with Jesus, initiations into manhood, and the impact of the family table. He also introduces his new movie, “Multiplied,” which aims to inspire a movement of worldwide revival.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jake’s tragic loss of his father at a young age and transformation and hope through meeting Jesus in college.
  • Platforms for reaching men – Irons in the Fire
  • Producing men’s events and gatherings, including a stadium event focused on uniting men as a force for positive change.
  • Emphasizing the importance of men taking ownership for families and in society.
  • Detailed account of the car accident that claimed his father’s life as well as his miraculous survival and intervention by divine presence.
  • Understanding God’s vision during moments of despair and brokenness.
  • The significance of seeking leadership and mentorship from other strong men, understanding God’s role in shaping men, and empowering them to lead and mentor others.
  • Significance of the family table in building deep and authentic relationships.
  • The release of the movie “Multiplied” about the legacies of influential Christian leaders and the call to support and attend the movie to spread the message of revival.
  • Encouragement for men to step up and participate in the revival movement.

Jake’s Resources: Multiplied Movie, Heart of Many Colors, Irons in the Fire Ministry, and Freels Designs.

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