Interview with Yvette Hampton – The Challenges and Victories of Homeschooling

Yvette Hampton is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a homeschool mom, the host of the Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast, and the producer of the Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution. As a mom who is concerned for the future of this generation, Yvette has a deep desire to see a culture shift by encouraging people through God’s Word. She has a passion for strengthening and equipping families and the homeschool community by teaching parents to live out their convictions and point their children towards Christ.

Yvette will elaborate on these discussion points:

  • What made you and your husband want to homeschool your children?
  • Can you tell us about The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast and the upcoming documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution?
  • What can a parent do if they don’t have the ability to homeschool or send their kids to a Christian School, but still want to instill a biblical foundation?

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Get a cup of coffee, take about ten minutes to recharge your batteries, and equip your mind so you can raise warriors for Christ that will stand firm in the face of evil! Occasionally, we will be giving away free books – so stay tuned! My team and I are here to serve you all for the glory of our Lord!

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