Interactive Resources to Assist Parents in Raising Kids with a Thriving Faith

“Children have to make their faith their own. They have to get to that point where they can defend the Bible and defend their own faith, not their parent’s faith.”-Jesse Florea.

Jesse Florea has worked at Focus on the Family for nearly 30 years. For 25 of those years, he’s been the editor of Clubhouse Magazine and Clubhouse Jr. Magazine. He has over forty book credits, including the CBS Defend Your Faith Bible and the devotional Defend Your Faith: 100 Devotions For Kids with Questions. He is the co-host of the Official Adventures in Odyssey and the Official Average Boy podcast.

During this episode, Jesse discusses Clubhouse magazine and Clubhouse Jr. magazine, as well as his Defend Your Faith Bible and Devotional, to hopefully promote family fun and encourage parents to help children learn biblical principles in a fun and engaging way.

Clubhouse magazine is for kids ages 8-12 and is packed with stories of average kids doing extraordinary things for God, including adventures, delicious recipes, jokes, and puzzles. Clubhouse Jr. magazine is for kids ages 3-7, and it helps children improve their reading and thinking skills. It also includes Bible stories, nature features, puzzles, jokes, and activities to reinforce traditional values and help children build a solid spiritual foundation.

Jesse emphasizes the uniqueness of the Defend Your Faith children’s Bible and devotional and how they work together to translate the Bible accurately and efficiently to children. The Bible is a great tool to help introduce apologetics to young readers and equip them to understand why they believe what they believe and how they can defend their faith. His devotional works with the Bible as an extra tool to help children engage with God daily and learn about their faith. The Bible and devotional take evidence and scientific support to back up the Word of God to make it easier for them to understand when building a Christian worldview and learning apologetics!

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